Our Strategy

Our work centers on improving how misrepresented communities are covered by the media. We believe that in a time of widespread mistrust, political division, and industry upheaval, journalists must reconsider not only what they report, but how they find, frame, and tell stories.

The organization grew out of one collaborative reporting project around reentry from prison, a critical issue facing Philadelphia. In 2017, 13 newsroom partners produced approximately 200 stories, bringing attention to a previously marginalized topic.  

After seeing tangible success from the project, including policy change in the city, The Reentry Project editor, Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, launched Broke in Philly and partnered with Cassie Haynes to create Resolve Philly. 

Broke in Philly, the organization's current collaboration with 20+ newsrooms reporting on solutions to poverty and economic mobility, was followed by the more recent initiatives, Modifier and Equally Informed Philly. The team grew from the 2 founders to 20+ staffers within just a few years.

In service of its mission and leaning on the skills, experiences, and vision of its diverse team, Resolve has created an agile strategy for resilience and success. That strategy focuses on high-level goals around the following: 

  • Sustainability and a rock solid foundation
  • Building a community of leaders
  • Allyship, listening, and showing up with something to offer
  • Transforming how communities engage with news and information
  • Collaborative, solutions journalism
  • Demanding equity

To learn more about Resolve's strategic plan, we have a detailed podcast series dedicated to reviewing that.