Our Impact

Resolve cares deeply about the impact of our work. We take pride in our expansive and innovative approach to defining, measuring and tracking impact—within our organization, among our partners and community, and in the wider world. 

The reports and documents below offer opportunities to read about how our work has brought about change. If you are interested in learning more about our process for tracking impact, please reach out to get in touch.

Impact at a Glance

Impact Tracker

See an example of how we track our impact.

INN Case Study

“The best way to understand how our work affects people’s lives is to ask them.”

Lenfest Case Study: Diversifying Revenue Streams

While Resolve remains a hub for collaborative reporting, that is no longer its sole function.

To go deep into our impact in 2020, check out any of the reports below.

2020 Year in Review 

2020 Equally Informed MidTerm Report

Our Kids 2020 Report