Our History of Collaborative Reporting

Broke in Philly Newsroom Partners Representatives

Resolve grew out of a collaborative reporting project around reentry from prison, a critical issue facing Philadelphia. In 2017, 13 newsroom partners produced approximately 200 stories, bringing attention to a previously marginalized topic. The project was, at the time, a unique and ultimately pioneering approach to local news.

After seeing tangible success from the project, including policy change in the city, The Reentry Project editor, Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, launched Broke in Philly — a collaborative reporting project on economic mobility and solutions to poverty — in April 2018. 

Broke in Philly ran from April 2018 through June of 2023, and by the end of the project the collaboration had grown to 29 partner newsrooms, working in six languages and had published more than 3,000 articles.

While this collaboration formally ended and won’t be posting new stories to the project webpage, our partner newsrooms continue to report on these topics because they matter to Philadelphians and journalists have built contacts and expertise over the years.

Broke in Philly is widely considered the gold standard for local collaborative reporting. The initiative has driven real impact in our city and our collaborative journalism model has been replicated worldwide.

Experience the impactful story of the collaborative effort here.