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PhillyCAM is a community media center committed to teaching, creating, and distributing locally-produced media content on cable television, FM radio, and online.

Tell us about your news outlet and how your work serves Philadelphia residents.
PhillyCAM produces three monthly news programs: PhillyCAM Voices (TV), Atrevete (TV) (en español), and Block by Block (Radio only). All of our news programs are produced by members of the community and highlight stories that are important to their diverse interests and experiences. Stories are a combination of long-format interviews and short multimedia packages. Members receive training and produce this work as part of Fellowship programs offered twice a year.

What lived experiences inspire/influence your work?
Our membership is made up of community members from every zip code in Philadelphia, and whose diverse identities as immigrants, seniors, millennials, LGBTQ, BIPOC folx, inform their stories and work.

What's the superpower of the Philadelphia Journalism Collaborative?
Sharing resources and building a network helps break down the gatekeeping legacy of journalists and build deeper relationships and trust with our audiences to create a more informed Philadelphia.


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