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Since 1829, The Philadelphia Inquirer has been “asking on behalf of the people” by providing essential journalism for the diverse communities of the Philadelphia region. The Inquirer, a for-profit public benefit corporation owned by the non-profit Lenfest Institute, produces Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism that changes lives and leads to lasting reforms. Its multiple brand platforms — including newspapers,, e-Editions, apps, newsletters, and live events — reach a growing audience of more than 10 million people a month.

Tell us about your news outlet and how your work serves Philadelphia residents.
I work at The Philadelphia Inquirer as an editor on the new communities and engagement team. Our work is solely focused on the needs of the community and our team works hard to produce stories that allow those often misunderstood or ignored to have a platform to speak for themselves.

What lived experiences inspire/influence your work?
I moved to Kensington from Bensalem when I was young and realized that all of the news coverage I saw about my neighborhood was bad bad bad. It felt unfair, and I was one of those kids that always knew I wanted to be a journalist to shake things up a bit (I live for the drama). The work I do is to please both my inner child and the types of communities that I love so much.

Share a prediction on the future of local news.
Leaders in news will realize that in order to sustain this business, we need to be working with communities. We will need to expand what we see as "journalism" and allow the new idea of it to be shaped by the people who actually need the content we're producing...or else! (Dun dun dunnnn!!)

What's the superpower of the Philadelphia Journalism Collaborative?
Collaboration, of course. I firmly believe that we cannot thrive in this industry without finding ways to lean on one another and brainstorm exciting ideas together. It's the way forward!

What's your favorite water ice flavor?
Doesn't even matter as long as I have a pretzel to dip in it. 

Wit or witout?

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