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Tell us about your news outlet and how your work serves Philadelphia residents.
Germantown Info Hub is a hyperlocal community news hub that shares information and stories of, for, and with the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. We are community-centered and solutions-driven, and publish digital print stories on our website, a Germantown Info Hub Radio Hour radio show bi-weekly on G-town Radio, a weekly email newsletter, and community-partnered events and discussions.

What lived experiences inspire/influence your work?
Editor Rasheed Ajamu was born and raised in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia and has lived their entire life in Philly. Maleka Fruean, Germantown Info Hub's community organizer, has raised all four of her children in Germantown and has been working and organizing community events in the area for the last 18 years. 

Share a prediction on the future of local news.
Local news will be participatory and community-responsive! 

What's the superpower of the Philadelphia Journalism Collaborative?
We are stronger, more interesting, and more community-responsive together!

What's your favorite water ice flavor?

Wit or witout?

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