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Community Narratives

Community Narratives is a program designed to amplify individual marginalized voices while simultaneously empowering under or unrepresented community members to contribute to — and ultimately transform — the prevailing narratives presented in the media. Our Associate Editor of Community Narratives provides training and editorial support for community members who want to tell their own stories and see their own narratives represented in the media.

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Op-eds Produced By Community Members through Community Narratives

Khadijah Butler: Invest in the lives of Black & Brown youth in Philadelphia

Losing our children and loved ones to hopelessness and violence is something we can put an end to.

Lifetime parole forces families to live with invisible shackles | Opinion

It does not matter: As a parolee, you’re guilty before you’re found to be innocent.

As an Asian American, I’m tired of being pitted against other communities

Recently, I’ve been caught between the tensions of the Black and Asian American communities.

This National Foster Care Month, remember Ma’Khia Bryant | Opinion

What if I, like Ma’Khia, had been placed in multiple homes instead of with a loving Black family?