About the Philadelphia Journalism Collaborative

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Who We Are

The Philadelphia Journalism Collaborative (PJC) is a partnership of 29 local newsrooms focusing on issues that affect the daily lives of Philadelphia residents.

We are dedicated to bridging the divide between communities and journalists and increasing community-centered, solutions-based journalism that promotes inclusivity and equity in news reporting.

What We Do

We cover everything from how education systems are built and how neighborhoods are designed to how technology is integrated into city spaces and what’s being done to address the city’s climate issues. We diligently explore the interconnected fabric of topics that shape the experiences and well-being of Philadelphia residents.

By actively engaging in information sharing and collaborative efforts, we provide insight and clarity on the systems that are often hard to see or understand and equip residents with actionable information so that they can drive change in their communities.

How We Do It


Collaboration is at the heart of PJC’s ethos. Through information sharing and strong partnerships among local newsrooms, our reporting grows stronger and provides comprehensive coverage of the issues that matter to Philadelphia communities.


Our collaborative makes journalism that is responsive to Philadelphia residents, addressing specific information needs expressed by the community. Instead of us deciding what to report on, we ask people what information could be useful to their lives, and then we figure out how to get it to them, which enables us to produce relevant and impactful stories.

For and With the Community, not just About the Community

The newsrooms involved in the Philadelphia Journalism Collaborative are committed to understanding the information needs of the communities we serve. We actively involve the community in shaping the news that we produce as part of this project through participatory journalism.

Why We Do It

We believe that solutions-based, community-centered reporting is essential to ensuring communities have the tools and resources to make the change they want to see in their lives.


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